Potato Chips Line


De – Stoner

For removing the soil from the surface of the potatoes, to get the clean potato in next station of processing




Specially designed potato peeler to remove the maximum amount of skin form the potatoes



Plain and wrinkle cuts, precise thickness, high production capacity, comparative low maintenance




Heating of sliced potato chips into the hot water bath to certain temperature


Seasoning System

Potato chips need a coating to become tasty, this is done in a coating drum immediately after frying and de-oiling. The coating drum comes in various sizes and has on the inside a self-cleaning profile. To ensure uniform residence time, strips are mounted in the drum. The rotation speed of drum are variable.



Continuous Oil Filter

While continuous frying operation the oil gets fines released from the product, which degrades the oil quality, in-order to remove those fines we use highly effective oil filtration system designed. More than 50 times the full volume of oil is passed through the filter in each hour of production.


Frying System

Specially designed frying system with wire-mesh belt arranging with precise oil heating control and dwell time control get the optimum frying. Peddle arrangement for chips frying.